The Zonesmart add-on accessory provides intelligent air distribution to Ecosmart air handlers and supports up to 5 zones. Each zone is intended to service a floor/zone of the building with an associated local thermostat.  For example: usually the ‘master’ thermostat would be located in the most commonly used space with ‘slaves’ located on/in other floors/zones. When mounting the zone dampers directly on top of the ecosmart, the standard single hole supplied top cover is replaced by a multi-port 2 or 4-hole cover (see Figure 2 – Zonesmart available multi-port top cover variations). Alternatively, an open top remote variation (REM model) can be used with a standard rectangular plenum to which round duct is installed. The 6in or 8in dampers installed along the round duct can be located up to 50ft away from the Zonesmart controller.